Thursday, July 14, 2011

THE NEW ME ~Under Construction ~

Well i have been going to the gym everyday and pushing myself in the gym... its like my new addiction.

I started going hardcore in February, When I started i weighed 180 with 11.7% body fat.

In March i did a impromptu photo shoot with a friend

you can already see some inprovement!

When i measured this month i weighed 170 with 8.7% body fat.

Not bad in 4 months!! you guys are great motivation and thank you for all the encouragement!! 


  1. dude you are seriously HOT man, great effort fella, and remember us mare mortals when you are famous hahah

  2. u look fucking amazing kieron, i would love to suck that pierced cock of urs and tongue fuck that hot hole of urs. and those nipples are so suckable, i could lick u all over for hours

  3. Wow. The difference between then and now is simply amazing. It just goes to show you what hard work and dedication will get you.

    And you know I love your shoulders most of all. They're probably my very favorite body part on a man. Well besides his cock. ;)