Monday, July 11, 2011

Mr. CSW Leather/ LA Pride 2011

In my journey the leather community that has welcomed me with open arms. Ive always been interested in leather since i saw Tom of Finland artwork. My first inroduction was at IML 2010. I had some light experences with different things like leather, ws, and sports gear. i was egar to see what else was incorperated in this community and to see where i fit in.

At IML i saw so many different things, some that i had seen in porn or pictures and some that i had never seen before. we will go more into the fetishes later... for now i was to talk about how open and nice everyone was. there was an overall accepting vibe and the feeling that i could experiment and try new things in a safe environment, and if i had any questions i never felt like i asked something that was unimportant.

being at an event where everyone could be themselves and express themselves however they felt natural and everyone accepted it was the most eyeopening experience. I knew that i had to find this in my own community. I knew that i needed to have that open and accepting vibe in my life forever.

The brotherhood between members of the leather community is amazing. Growing up i had horrible male figures and getting close with guys that i look up to and respect and having great guys to fill that role in my life has been amazing. surrounding myself with men that i can rely on and help out when i can is great. i have seen some guys go through really hard times and watch the community help when they can, makes me proud a part of this community.

In the short amount of time i have been in the LA leather community i have seen and felt so much love and support from the great guys here. I have so much more to learn and grow as man and the reason i want to run in this competition is to represent a community that i love, i want to learn from everyone i meet and i also want to bring in new guys into the community that are interested.


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  1. Oh my. I love that pic of you in the blue leather shirt.


    Where did you get convinced to get inside the rubber cube? LOL They had that at IML this year. Samuel Colt got in it. It's without a doubt one of the funniest videos that I have ever seen in my entire life. And that's really saying something. ;)