Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Release: Titan Men's After Hours

Check out my new release Titan Men'sAfter Hours
Filming with Adam Russo is always a good time! I hope you guys enjoy watching!!

Shaved-headed Adam Russo wants to go out for a drink and get laid. “I don’t think we need to leave for that,” says colleague Kieron Ryan, eliciting a smile from Adam—who moves in to kiss the tall jock. Kieron is soon worshipping Adam’s big boner: “Play with those balls! Pull ’em down!” demands the increasingly verbal Adam. “Suck that dick! All the way down on it!” The alpha slides his fingers inside Kieron’s mouth, leaning down to spit in it before kissing him. Adam finger fucks Kieron’s mouth before using his cock again, a huge wad of spit connecting the sucker’s messy mouth and Adam’s steel shaft. Adam then makes Kieron’s big dick disappear in his mouth before tonguing, fingering and fucking his hole. Kieron gets it doggie style (his own boner bouncing up and down with each thrust) before getting on his back, Adam grunting like an animal as he grinds inside. Kieron sits down on the top, Adam smiling as his eyes roll up in his head. Kieron shoots a big stream as he rides, then slaps Adam’s balls as the top moans like a madman while coming.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Wow I can't believe this!

A fan @haywire18 has put these pictures together, a before and after so to speak. Sometime when I look in the mirror I still see the old me and at other times I can't believes I wasn't always as big as am I now.

I know such a mind fuck hahaha I was 175 lbs in the old pic and 207 lbs in the current pic.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New year...New Kieron

Here we go 2013

Well we closed last year off with a BANG!... 
Well i think a horrific fiery CRASH 
Yea that might be a little more accurate!

I'm beginning this year anew like a phoenix rising form the ashes... lol oh how that symbol rings so true to me. and yet i think to my self... how many times must we do this? how often must you crash and burn leaving yourself to pick you up and put the pieces that are left back together again?

All this shows is the passion i have for the things that i truly believe in. I will go head first into the deep end with all conviction... if i did anything less it would be me. when i go in... i go in hard!!!! but doing this runs a huge risk, a risk of failure, being disappointed, let down, and crushed. those things don't seem so bad when the goal your trying to reach seems worth it. but afterwards it the sting of it all hurts TWICE as much.

I definitely believe its better to have love and lost then to never have loved at all.

And this is why i have to go though this so often. 

All of this gives me strength and knowledge  maybe that's why i and so rough and complicated... I've been thorough a lot in my life and i know what i want and don't mind trying to get it. 

Yea i am strong,,, I'm so thankful for that!!

My strength has helped me focus on myself and is builds a better me, redefining my goals. 
What i want for me
What i expect from others
Where i want my life to go
How i want it to get there
Who i want to surround myself with

I started very simply with my body and health. going to the gym everyday and that has relieved so much stress and tension in my life.. you can see it inside and out.
Next i looked at my many different careers. what is bringing me the most joy, what am i missing and what is wasting my time? some of these answers were so simple and other took a little time to show their true colors.
I missed my friends and leather brothers-helped at events
I missed porn- got the body back -time to start again.
I missed dancing-auditioned for a dance group- landed the gig.
I missed teaching others-started helping friends in the gym.
I missed learning something new- started a new job with little experience in the field.
There were a few things wasting my time- they had to go.
The balance of happiness has been 90% restored in my life.

This month I will be competing for Los Angeles Leather... something i had dreamed of for 2 years and i missed out on so much of of title year going through the rough times. I know distance makes the heart grow fonder and having it again will be so sweet! 

So in three months my life has seemed to get back on track and the pieces that were shattered are starting to smooth over into one solid piece again. it feels good.

My future is looking bright I'm optimistic and ready to take on the world.

LET'S GO 2013!!!