Saturday, February 19, 2011


WOW!! im surprised by the final count of the poll!

My guess was that Jockstraps would win...
although it was second.

THE WINNER............. 


Thank you to everyone who voted!! 

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Monday, February 14, 2011


I know you all want to see what happened after the Cybersocket Awards with me and Diesel...

Well lets say that I brought the Cuddle Buddy out of the big guy with the badass reputation of being the mean/ angry guy that just fucks hard and shows no emotion.

"It took the right model to bring it out of me..." Diesel posts

What can I say?... Just being me!!!

I had such a great time spending the few days after Cybersockets with Diesel!

"It's On!!! Thank you Kieron Ryan!! For being there for Me. Dare I say my Valentines Day Present??

You're Welcome Diesel, I'll be there for you whenever!!
 You were the best Valentines Day Present!!
My Cuddle Buddy!!

and the best song to go with it!!

Hopefully Diesel can still keep his badass rep and be able to be a cuddle buddy! 



Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cocktails WIth The Stars 2/10

Thursday I went to Mickeys to enjoy Cocktails with the stars not knowing who was there. To my surprise it was Christian Owen and the guys from Club Inferno.

I was fun to listen to the models dish a little dirt on each other in good fun! 

Then of course the clothes start coming off.. who's complaining.. Didnt think so!!

After the the guys were finished on stage 
Lance Navarro gave us a flogging demo with Tony Lazzari. 
Check it out on my Xtube

Scottie B then asked for a volunteer from the audience to get flogged how could i pass up the opportunity??


Following getting worked over i took some pick with the guys

The Sexy Logan Scott

Muscles Craig Reynolds

 Great Flogger Lance Navar 

 The Comeback Kid Tony Lazzari

And The Ring Leader 

DJ Christian Owen

So the nite was great made some new connections and had a great time being flogged!! 

The Cybersocket Awards

I had a blast at the Cybersocket Awards!

I was very excited to see my friends from SF, Leo Forte & Drew Cutler... was hoping to see Tony Buff and Element Eclipse again but later found out they weren't attending. I was also excited to be hanging out with my newly acquainted peeps from LA! I didn't really have any expectations for the night.. i was interested to see where things lead me, to see and meet some new people too! 

Well as soon as i walk in the door i run into Leo! I was so excited to see him!!

We caught up on what had been going on since we last talked and he introduced me to Mike Dreyden. 

Funny we were both wearing the same Nasty Pig tube socks!!!

So before the Awards began I said hello to a few more familiar face and continued to dance to the music from DJ Chi Chi LaRue.... I love when she played my new favorite song... The Beautiful People by Christina Aguilera 

Then the awards began... with or without all of the audience.  maybe its just because i have never been to an awards show like this but i thought that everyone would come watch and that it would be a very organized event.... MAN WAS I WRONG!!!  the audience was split between the lounge area and the room where the awards were... some of the announcements from the presenters you couldn't understand which lead to a delayed reaction for the winner getting their award and giving their thank you speech. With all the lag time and extra things going on i found my attention being pulled from the awards and decided to go have fun with they guys instead. Here are pics of the presenters and winners while i was watching.

So after the awards had lost my attention (ugh I swear i have A.D.D LOL!) I went back into the lounge where i ran into Kyler Coy. While we were hanging out I saw Diesel Washington and mentioned that it would be great to officially meet him in person. So of course Kyler took me over to Diesel and introduced us. We got a drink and started talking. Im still not sure why so many people are scared or intimidated by him.... or maybe its just me but as we were talking he was such a great guy and really grounded. Leo and Mike came over to hang with us and as we all are talking people were coming up and showing their ass and asking for pictures, it was so much fun!! Here are some of them.

After all this craziness Diesel and I were hanging together and getting to know each other a little more. We went and recked our diet with some DELICIOUS pizza on Santa Monica Blvd. Once that appetite was conquered we headed back to the Ramada toooo.....

...Well theres another blog coming to finish this up.....
...Keep an eye out!...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

For my first post I'm hooking u guys up with some pics and links so you guys can find me and follow whats going on!

Some pics for you guys!

here are the links to my facebook, twitter, and youtube hope you guys enjoy!!!