Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cocktails WIth The Stars 2/10

Thursday I went to Mickeys to enjoy Cocktails with the stars not knowing who was there. To my surprise it was Christian Owen and the guys from Club Inferno.

I was fun to listen to the models dish a little dirt on each other in good fun! 

Then of course the clothes start coming off.. who's complaining.. Didnt think so!!

After the the guys were finished on stage 
Lance Navarro gave us a flogging demo with Tony Lazzari. 
Check it out on my Xtube

Scottie B then asked for a volunteer from the audience to get flogged how could i pass up the opportunity??


Following getting worked over i took some pick with the guys

The Sexy Logan Scott

Muscles Craig Reynolds

 Great Flogger Lance Navar 

 The Comeback Kid Tony Lazzari

And The Ring Leader 

DJ Christian Owen

So the nite was great made some new connections and had a great time being flogged!! 

1 comment:

  1. Oh of course you volunteered to be flogged. LOL

    Mmm. Lance Navarro is a straight up hottie. You're a lucky boy.

    I love the caption "Hurts so good". Too true!