Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting to know Kieron Ryan

I grew up in California as a sheltered kid. I was the kid with glasses and wasn't really into playing sports. I usually got made fun of and was the brunt of a lot of jokes. Growing up dealing with this until i was in high school lead me to have a very thick skin, which now i am thankful for! 

As I got older I found my niche. I tried football and basketball but group sports weren't for me. I started trying more solo sports. I started with Gymnastics and Swimming, which lead to Diving. I also found a passion for Dancing. At first it was just for fun and in each sport i had natural talent. Finding these things helped me build up my self confidence and become a stronger person.

I was a psychology major in Community College and i decided that i was going to give up the book work for a more artistic career. I became a dance major, moved to Los Angeles and attended a university. After living on my own for a year, moving away form home wasn't such a big change... so i thought. School was great, dancing everyday working towards goal.... but "making it" in LA was very rough. I worked as well as going to school, training outside of classes, and performances. This was the first time i had truly considered doing porn.

The first time I saw porn was in a Hustler Magazine at the age of 12. It was great at the time lol. From the first time that i had watch a porn movie at 13, I thought that it was something i would want to do in my life i wanted to be the one on the screen making everyone "feel good". well being a teenager this sounded like a great thing, but i was always thinking about the consequence of actually doing it... what if the family found out? so all the way up until i was in college... i was nervous about actively trying to pursue anything in porn even though i had friends who would try and convince me to do it. I was afraid.

I was recruited to a university out of state and jumped at the offer to explore the country and perfect my craft. I wanted to be the one to know what it was like and not have to be the one asking some else wondering... "what if". For three and a half years i was away from everything i had ever known which gave me a great opportunity to figure out who i was as a person. I got to do what i pleased with no one else minding my business, just me. I figured out what i stood for and what i believed in. I became an Adult. I now was no longer timid in my actions, i did what i wanted, knowing the consequences good or bad, and made decisions from there. 

In becoming a grown confident man I learned, when an opportunity comes to do something you have always wanted to do, weight the options first and then proceed accordingly. In saying that, when I was at a Manhunt event and was speaking with Trevor Knight about porn and how id thought about doing it... he looked at me and said "i think you should... you have the look". I was taken aback a little... well a lot. Someone in the industry thinks i actually have a shot at this. That was the first step in my new career mission. I knew this is what i wanted to do and i didn't care who saw or what they had to say about it. 

For the next year it was touch and go, emailing pics and trying to find my way into an industry that i didn't know much of the details to. Trying to get your feet wet is the hardest part. With Trevor's help i got an Agent and started promoting myself. I moved back to California and became friends with some actors in the industry and they helped steer me in the right directions. What to avoid, listening to their mistakes, and things they wish they would have done differently. Also new was to promote myself and build a fan base. Some of these people have come and gone very helpful in their time though. and others have stayed and i have built true friendships and family. Now some of my best friends are pornstars... who would have thought LOL. Ive come a long way... but i have SOOOOO much further to go. 

In my training I've always be told "Don't set out to create a masterpiece, just create something from the heart." I adapt this in all aspects of my life, so as i hope that i become a pornstar that people will enjoy on screen as well as off, I'm just trying to be me along the way.


Thank you for your help support and guidance!

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  1. First off, I didn't know you were a diver. I wish I knew how to swim. I'm sure that was an amazing experience for you.

    I had no idea that Trevor Knight helped you get into porn. Bless his heart of I would have never gotten to know you and see what an exceptional person you are. Some people think that I'm nuts but I do honestly believe that some of the people I've met who do porn are some of the nicest, sweetest, most down to earth people that I've ever known in my entire life. As Leo likes to say the kinky boys learn humility first. That's probably why I get along so well with them.

    My Ex always said she felt like some people were only meant to be in our lives for a season. They came in. They touched our hearts. They helped us grow. They changed us profoundly. And then they exited. Perhaps that's how some of your friends have been. But I sincerely think life is ever changing and we're always evolving as human beings and as individuals. You seem like you're very level headed to me and that you have your feet firmly planted on the ground. I think you'll go very far with that attitude, Darlin'.