Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cocktails With The Stars 10.5.11

I had so much fun doing Cocktails With The Stars with Dominik Rider. 
Thanx Scottie B for having me!!

Here are some pics of Dominik And I  Durring the show

We plaayed Truth or Dare... Dominik was dared to rape me

One of my Truth questions was what was my most used sex toy...
                                                                   my reply was My Puppy Tail
Then Scottie B wanted Domink to walk me around as a Pup.
We were discussing the size of our nipples

Dominik and I after he walked me like a dog

 Why is Dominik alwyas the first one to get naked LOL 

Licking my lips about to eat that ass... well at least get a little taste lol we cant have Scottie Loose his job hehe

Click here for some more great pics from Larry

I would like to thank everyone who came out on our first winter day and showed us some love!! Kyle, Trent, Larry, Brooklyn, Clinton, Adam, Leo, Esteban, Milo, Kyler(aka Ling Ling) 
and Everyone else who was there!! 

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