Thursday, October 20, 2011


I had such an amazing folsom experience this year. I havent been to folsom in a few years and was ready to see so many things and people.... guess what Life had Other Plans!!!

but it worked out great!!

This is how is started......

The weekend started off with a First Class trip from LAX to SFO on Virgin America... I know have been spoiled and nothing else will seem right ever again LOL!! but i had a cocktail before the plane even left the gate. and a meal with Internet.. our flight was only 45 min.... AMAZING!! other companies can barely get u one drink in that time....UGH! hahaha But on to the fun stuff!!

I was so excited to be staying with Leo Forte for my trip! It had been so long since we had seen each other! As soon as I walk into Leo's apartment im greeted by him and Tony Hunter In bondage, just finished a lesson on boot shining. The next thing i know I'm stripped down to my jockstrap and my legs are bound and i have a face guard on and learning how walk truly like a puppy... I loved it, What a welcome!!

went to the gym then to mr S leather more nastypig gear YAY!!

as soon as we got out side
 Leo Collard me with a beautiful chain & lock 
My tail was wagging like CRAZY!!! 
You can see me showing it off in the pics below.

...and speaking of Mr S we went to a folsom pre party and i saw this great sign

But before i get carried away....
Leo and I went to a live taping at for Bound In Public at the armory.  I enjoyed the show and got a feel for how things went.. as it was my first time, but it was right up my alley. Being bound, gagged and/or blindfolded for the tops to enjoy!! A little while longer Van came and told us start a scene. Leo automatically pulled out his rope and began tiying up may hands and hoisting them into the air. He pulled out his black and blue flogger and started to flog my back.He started off gently, i wasn't reacting with any grunting sounds or recoiling much after his strikes. So, he went harder... and then harder. Still no sounds or movement... I just took it, every heavy hitting thud that he gave me. When he was finished he pointed out that he had drawn blood and my response was "its felt so good". A model came up and asked to be flogged by Leo and he took me down, tied him up and gave him he same beating that he had just  given me. sitting talking to the crowd i was able to get a video and pic.

Apparently that fact that i wasn't making much of any sounds or moving after being struck by the flogger surprised people. I was asked by many members of the audience "Did it Hurt?" "How were you able to take that and not move?" "Did you enjoy that?" My answer is this. Yes i enjoyed that, Very Much!  while getting flogged on my back i am able to feel the pain but more so my adrenaline and endorphin's taking over my body and the warm feeling on my back all combining to bring me a pleasure sensation. I also like the sound of the Thud that is makes hitting my back.

Leo also asked me similar questions... then took it as a challenge.... more on that later...

Back to the Folsom pre party with the great Mr S Sign...
 in the upstairs loft in San Francisco with an amazing views of the downtown skyline and the bay bridge designed exquisitely chique was a group of Frisco's elite, men in leather harnesses and jockstraps and other fetish gear. While enjoying the champagne and hors d'oeuvres Leo and I met up with our good friend Thorn, and i finally got to see Jesse Santana again! Leo collard Jesse as well and we were one big happy bunch! there was people getting suspended in doorways and ballroom dancing in the living room. What a great time with great people!

The Next Big Event we all went to was the Ragging Stallion/ Falcon Party.
Leo and I met up with Tony Buff, Chris Yosef, Tony hunter, thorn, and Jesse Santana and headed over to the Mezzanine. This was my first big introduction to being apart of the family. I so honored to be apart of these amazing guys i cant wait to learn from all of them!! While at the party I ran into some familiar faces and met some new hotties!!! here the pics

I had such a great time with the everyone!! we went to Powerhouse after this is was crazy packed! stayed for a minute ran into some more people i knew had a few drinks then went home to rest for FOLSOM the next day.

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