Friday, September 2, 2011

NEON KINK a SOLD OUT Clothing Runway Show

I had a great time modeling for SOLD OUT CLOTHING at Micky!!!

I got to spend some time with great guys that I already knew, like Kieth and David The creators of SOLD OUT, Adam Russo, Johnathan Meyers and Jared Tyler .I got to meet some studs for the first time Jessie ColterScottie Brooks, Seth Roberts, Spencer DrakeDominik Rider, Vk Thor and Beau Dickey and I also got to meet someone who i am a big fan of Alexander Freitas :-)

Also I got to meet the very lovely Kathy Griffin and took a pic with here... coming here soon!

The guys at SOLD OUT Surprised me with a shirt they made just for me...

 Pull My Chain

The guys also let me wear their Water Sports shirt bringing a bottle of water on stage and showering myslef with it getting all wet and some of the crowd too!

Got WS? (on the back SAY AHH)

The night was so much fun backstage.. here's a pics of most of us while we were trying to get everything together 

After the event at Mickys bunch of us went over to Stripper Circus at Here Lounge where we played games, danced and had a few more drinks to celebrate the night.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible!

Get Your Very Own Shirt Here

more pics and video coming soon!

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