Friday, September 16, 2011

Folsom Europe Experience

Here are the pics from my amazing experience at Folsom Europe in Berlin Germany. 
First walking into the folsom street fair
Hung out at the Boy Butter booth for a little bit with Eyal 
Where I saw this amazingly huge package

I had to take a pic! I asked what he did and he replied "SILICON"

Showing off a little bit at the ROBs leather booth

Met this very nice SIR he treats his boys well! 

I Finally got the pleasure to me Aymeric DeVille he's a great guy!!

I was testing out some kennels

loving the guys in kilts!!

There was a little of everything

Met a new sister 

and got a little friendly 

which lead to another cause they never travel alone lol!

I love these pants i cant wait to get a pair of my own!!

This may be my favorite pic of the street fair she was HALLARIOUS!!!

i coulnt help but say hello to the hottie!

This guys nose ring is a clip on and he said he thing that  it hurt more than actually getting it done... id have to agree having that metal ring clamped on my nose lol

Everyone in Germany had a Mohawk... and i wanted one ...the BEFORE

So i found the booth and donated my hair to charity and got my Mohawk! the AFTER! 
i got pushed into the circle where this man was using his whip

He left some good marks! it didnt hurt as much as i thought it would.

After getting my new stripes i ran into a few more sisters... 

I made my way back to  the boy butter booth 

and  did some enhancing to the posters

fun times!

 then tried my best to interact with the crowd and help them get some new lube
I was willing to try
a few different ways to advertise

then i met a pup but he wanted to fight instead of play and i had to wrestle him and pin him down

This man loved my ass and loved to spank it and he likeed to hit hard!

back to hotel to freshen up before heading to the parties

elevator pics... the new airplane bathroom pic hahahaha

The After party was amazing!! The people are so open and free. I went to Berghain it was amazing!! guess thats the next post... see you then


  1. How did that Folsom differ from ours?

    I love that you took elevator pics. The new airplane bathroom pics. LOL

    That pup wanted to fight you? I hope you showed him who was boss. ;)

    I remember when you went over there to visit. You were so excited. It was very cute. So that's where your hair went? I was wondering about that.

    Aymeric Deville is such a hottie. I got his autograph for my friend TJ at Folsom. My word.


    PS I love the man who couldn't keep his hands off of your ass. Might I say that he's got impeccable taste.