Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cocksuremen With Jake Deckard

Jake Deckard lays back on the couch with Kieron Ryan draped all over him, kissing and rubbing his furry chest. Kieron's mouth slowly works it's way south, finding Jake already at full mast. Jake makes Kieron gag on his dick while he fingers his tight hole. Jake turns to eat some meat and Kieron has a little surprise waiting for him; a prince Albert piercing. Jake tugs at and plays with Kieron's ring before he takes him down to his balls. Jake playfully plays the bongos on Kieron's butt and then buries his face in-between his cheeks. His boner is buried next inside Kieron's hot ass. Kieron stroked his pierced cock as Jake slams his hole. Kieron winds up spraying all over himself while still getting fucked by Jake. Jake slurps on the cum and shares it with Kieron. Jake's turn to cum. Kieron gets down on his knees to receive Jake's thick cum all over his face and open-mouth. The guys swap Jake's sweet, sweet juice.


  1. Kieron Ryan you certainly should be proud of what you have accomplished in one short year! You have approached the industry with a plan, intelligence and great determination and I admire that greatly. I hope you do not mind but I put a link to your site in one of my posts on my blog entitled Gay Adult Stars - The Humane Side. http://www.ShadowSterling.com You are obviously multi-talented and I hear you even come down our way for dance training classes I believe. Take care and be well.

  2. thank you so much! and of course u can put a link on ur site! thank you!

  3. You are very welcome and you deserve the recognition for all your hard work. BTW my comment was suppose to say, Gay Adult Stars- The HUMAN Side (oops). Take care of yourself, in this dog eat, dog world. ;-)