Friday, February 3, 2012

January SF Trip Part 1

What a great way to start off 2012!!!!
This trip was so crazy full of ups and downs, seeing friends and meeting new people, and growing as a person and a professional.

Right off the plane i got to spend time and have lunch with Tony Vega while he was waiting to fly out of SF.. such a great time chatting and relaxing at the airport!

After lunch I got to Hotel Metropolis but had no time to enjoy it. I had to rush over to Mr S Leather for a Photo shoot and didn't want to be late. I rushed through the pouring rain feeling a little lost while reacquainting myself with the city. 

I swing open the door to the store and get hit with the thick smell of leather and it brings a huge smile to my face! Welcomed with warm hellos and hugs I'm lead to the back for a quick run through and fitting. As the guys are getting last minute things in order i take a walk around the shop eyeing new merchandise and things still on my wish list. 

Upstairs we go to the play space... the first thing i get to model are the new cuff restraints. these are so amazing!!

They tried to tell me they weren't for suspension, as my wrists are attached to a hook above my head ("We will see about that" i thought to my self). So I start leaning into them slowly testing their strength... until my feet came off the ground. 

I double checked that they were sure they aren't and they confirmed... so I kindly said "I beg to differ" by hanging from my wrist with my feet above my head.... and it didn't hurt my wrist at all!! Super Comfy and strong This was a MUST for my collection!!

I also got tied up on the dungeon bed

While being tied up i was hit by the crop to see my skin turn pink... so much fun!!

Also got the play with the new line of Mr. S Lube! The bottles have twist caps for easy one handed access and use while your other hand is busy.

I got to play with some other things but they have not been released on the website or in store yet....

While cleaning up all the lube off my hard cock i was asked to come back for another shoot they have some other things that they would like me to model... I'm shocked!!  I quickly agreed and set a time that would work for them. All the while in my head thinking "Can this really be happening?!"

I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I do and that both I as a person and the product that I produce are so well received... it still catches me off guard sometimes!

I am running a little late so i quickly make way over the to The Nob Hill Theatre to meet up with Micheal Brandon and the owners for a tour of the venue....
When i turn the corner onto the street of the building I see one of my 


This is one of those moments in life that i don't think i will ever forget, it took my breath away a little and stopped me in my tracks.

After regrouping I made way inside got acquainted with everyone and saw the venue then was invited to participate in a circle jerk in the play room courtesy of Micheal Brandon's and 9X6 Lube. The turn out was good about 20 guys were there, stroking and sucking on hard cocks with sounds of moaning in pleasure as guys started to cum.

A late dinner then back to the hotel.... 

Last thought of the day "DAMN! This bed is more comfy than mine at home!!!"

Wow What a great way to start a vacation!!


  1. damn kieron, i eat out that hot hole of urs for hours and suck the cum from ur cock for days on end. u are just so fucking hot.