Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CyberSocket Awards 2012

Well this marks my 1st anniversary working in the porn industry.....

How much changes in a year!!

Looking back over the year i have been through so many ups and downs and ups again lol! I started 2011 off with booking my first scene from connections i made at the Cybersocket Awards 2011. I was nervous and worried about so many different things... mainly giving a performance that would be enjoyable for people to watch and look forward to more. I have learned so much since then.

Starting off 2012 with three scene behind me and some more in the works I feel like have started to find my niche in this crazy world. I kno I have SO much further to go and so much more to offer as a performer. Im grateful to kno that I have a solid foundation and i am proud of what i have accomplished thus far. I really appreciate all of the love and support, I'm glad that i am well received by both people in this industry and the fans who watch it. Thank you for motivating me!!!

I met some new people this year at the Awards and I hope that it will bring something new for you to watch. I have my eyes set on filming with different studios and doing some more scenes with some new websites. Ill keep you posted on the evolving work schedule!

now for the PICS!!!

I went to the Awards with Keith and David (@soldoutclothing), Alexsander Freitas (@Alexsander1xxx), Mario Mosley, Justin Hurt, and Cliff Jensen (@thecliffjensen). I had a last minute outfit change to My new Soldout D bag wich I LOVE!! THANX GUYS!

Me and Alexsander Freitas (@alexsander1xxx)

Met up with Leo Forte (@leofortexxx) & Drew Cutler (@drewcutlerxxx)

Met Gavin Waters (@GavinH20) with Alexsander Freitas (@alexsander1xxx)

Saw Ed from Kink.com

After watching some categories and a few cocktails met up with they guys outside and I met Johnny McGovern (@gaypimp) and saw Phillip Aubrey (@phillipaubreyx) lol

Meeting Ricky Sinz (@rickysinz) and Trent Diesel (@TrentDiesel69)

I went back inside and had some fun with Ryan Russell (@RyanRussellXXX) and his big award

and much love for Kermie Mack and Robert Sanchez! (@pornobobbie)!!

Was great seeing everyone.. sorry we didn't take more pictures!!!

Thank you for the love on ur blogs and for the pics!!!

Jack Manly
Manhunt Daily
Alexsander Freitas
Tommy Wells