Friday, December 9, 2011

My DVD debut is here!

My DVD debut is here!

Raging Stallion's
Directed by Tony Buff 

is released for your enjoyment!!

I made it on the Back Cover

Scene 3 – Kieron Ryan & Ben Brown
Kieron Ryan, a lean, muscled, edgy man in camouflage pants, harness and yellow jock is horny and cruising the alley. Ben Brown, the beefy, tattooed and bearded hunk passes by, and notices raw sexual energy radiating from Kieron. He stops and gives Kieron a steely glare and a quick nod, urging Kieron to join him in some scorching alley action. Quickly getting down to business, Kieron gets on his knees and starts to lick on the bulge in Ben’s leather pants. The smell of leather further excites Kieron, who opens Ben’s fly with a simple order from Ben to suck his dick. Kieron works Ben’s large member covered with foreskin, gulping it and working the extra skin in every way. Ben sees Kieron’s massive, pierced meat and he wants to swallow it. He gets down on his knees and takes every thick inch to the base, choking and gagging on it. Kieron pulls Ben up off his knees and props him up on all fours so he can get a glimpse of Ben’s hairy hole. Kieron grabs onto both muscles cheeks of Ben’s ass and starts to plow through the furry hole with his agile pierced tongue. Unable to resist any longer, Kieron drives his cock into Ben, drilling the fine ass with his massive tool. Urging him on, Ben asks for more and Kieron grabs onto his hips and dives deeper and deeper into Ben, until Kieron pulls out and shoots two huge loads of cum onto Ben’s back and then eats all of it off Ben. Kieron wants to satisfy Ben now and flips him over to suck on the uncut cock some more until Ben takes over and squeezes a load out. 

Check out the Trailer  

Here are some pics for you to enjoy aswell

I hope you enjoy as much as i did!!